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“All things betray thee, who betrayest Me.”

That’s a line from Francis Thompson’s religious poem, “The Hound of Heaven.” It’s a powerful poem and this one line has been echoing in my head. I want to write about Vesta, I’ve been looking at Juno, but it is Venus cruising through Scorpio that’s got a hold me and won’t let go till I say what she wants me to.

"Betrayal" by Darwin Leon

"Betrayal" by Darwin Leon

Venus stationed to go retrograde at 13 Scorpio on 7 October, 2010. She moved into Libra on 8 November and stationed to go direct on 27 Libra on 18 November. Do you have any planets on degrees from 27 Libra to 13 Scorpio? If you do, then this would have probably been a memorable retrograde for you. More so if you have planets near 13 Scorpio or 27 Libra, the degrees of her stations. (more…)

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