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I haven’t read all the Harry Potter books nor have I seen all the movies. But I watched Harry Potter and the Half-Blood PrincSeverus-Snape picturee the other day and thoroughly enjoyed it. It has all the ingredients that make for a riveting movie: the fight of good against bad, humor, young love. All set against the backdrop of a boarding school located in a brooding castle. And not just any old boarding school, but one where the students are taught magic!

Outer planets like Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are associated with magic and the Harry Potter series makes an excellent subject for astrological correlations. Take Harry, for instance. He’s the hero and so you’d be tempted to ascribe the sign Leo to him. I just checked: J.K. Rowling has given 31-July has his birth date (same as hers), so they’re both Leos. A funny little coincidence that, but why not? It makes sense to see him as a Sun-ruled hero, fighting the dark forces, being marked as the “chosen one.” The untimely death of his parents and the constant threat to his life make me think that either he has Pluto oppositions in his birth chart, or that he is going through some very difficult Pluto transits. But this is just idle speculation. And though it’s good fun, I’m going to stop. Because this post is not about the likeable, albeit simple, character of Harry Potter but about his darker and more complex teacher, Severus Snape.

Now, I’ll confess I find Severus Snape the most attractive man in the movie. It may have to do with the fact that the younger guys are still in their teens and the older guys are well past the age of 60, leaving him as the only man one would focus on. But I don’t think so. Although I’ve never seen him smile or try and make an effort to charm, Mr. Snape does charm one. Admittedly, it is a rather dark appeal what with his chequered past; but it isn’t his bad boy aura that has me hooked. There is something about him that inspires trust and confidence. He seems like a good person to have on your side when the chips are down. When he enters a situation and takes charge, you know he’ll take care of things.

So, Mr. Snape naturally ensnared my interest and I wondered about his chart. He’s always dressed in black, has lanky black hair and has a perpetually unsmiling visage. The black clothes tempted me to ascribe a Scorpio ascendant to him. That would also explain his expressionless face. But I felt that he was more Saturn/Capricorn than anything else. Wikipedia describes him as “…a thin man with sallow skin, a large, hooked nose, and yellow, uneven teeth. He has shoulder-length, greasy black hair which frames his face, and cold, black eyes.” And if that isn’t Saturn, then I don’t know what is.

Just for fun, I looked up the character’s birth data on http://harrypotter.wikia.com/wiki/Severus_Snape. It is listed as 9-Jan-1960. You can imagine my delighted surprise when I saw that he was born with a conjunction of the Sun and Saturn in Capricorn. There is no birth time listed and I don’t have the skill for chart rectification yet. But since he is decidedly Saturnine in appearance, I modified the birth time so that the chart would have Saturn conjunct the ASC.

SSSaturn is also conjunct both Mercury and the Sun. This fits in with what I know about Snape: Saturn conjunct the Sun is his disapproving father; and the conjunction of the twelfth house Mercury with Saturn hints strongly at information that he forced to withhold, keep secret, thus making him an object of suspicion for Harry. Snape’s Venus squares Pluto and perhaps that explains his great unrequited love for Lily, Harry’s mother. His moon squares both Chiron and Pluto making him an emotionally tortured man. The Neptune conjunct his Scorpio MC makes his an excellent teacher of magic.

There is so much more that can be gleaned from his chart, but I don’t know enough about his timeline in the series to do so. Even though all of this was done using fictional data and is nothing more than an exercise in astrological speculation, it was great fun. If you find out more or write about it, do let me know.

P.S. Enjoy the magic!

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Behold! Here are the darker shades of love
Here there is no harmony
Blanketed by the wings of a dove.

Here there is concentrated hate
Potently, poetically mixed
With this flagrant need to mate.

Here there is the desire to give pain
To hurt, to rent , to tear, to scratch
And then count every wound given a gain.

Here there is a roaring rage
I’m quite surprised
It’s not burning up this page!

Here there is the nothingness of grief
It was so little joy
Not even the memories bring relief.

Here is the rot of passion gone bad
Look closely and you will see
Beneath the mask, a face that is so sad.

Here is the madness that wants to kill
Shattered and shattering
A bitter destiny to fulfill.

Here is the dark moonless night of the heart
Alone, lonely shadow: it wanders in circles
Without an end, without a start.

We will leave it now with this, this our blessing,
And as we go away, we go away gently hoping
That it found some comfort in its anguished confessing.

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