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14980735_10153842924416968_3378903504728679467_nI just got back from an astrology workshop in Bali. It was one the most gratifying and transformative experiences of my life. The astrological community is like that: you go in and meet friends. You connect with the people there and feel a sense of homecoming.

I was thinking of the experience and since she created it, it is Evelyn Roberts I want to mention first. The workshop was residential. The environment in which we were housed had a lot to do with the transformative aspect of doing a Heaven and Earth workshop. You are plunged into the heart of nature: its beauty, its creatures and its rhythms.

I’m terrified of spiders; I saw spiders and learnt to co-exist. I discovered that the sound of a frog jumping into a pond is my favorite sound. I got to hold baby chicks. I discovered it’s true: mother hens are very protective. I ate local food, at fixed times and in fixed quantities and came back free from my addiction to junk food. I also came back feeling like I could take anything on. I came back stronger.

I reconnected with old friends and made new ones. I refined the delicate line of togetherness versus necessary solitariness. I learnt a very important skill: I’m a better listener now than before I went. And I learnt (thanks, Brian!) how to say goodbye.

c-n-bAre you familiar with Carole Taylor and Brian Clark? Carole is associated with FAS, UK and Brian with Astro*Synthesis, Australia. I don’t know what to say. That’s striking because there isn’t much that I can’t capture in words. But with Carole and Brian I cannot. They are superb astrologers, very articulate and fundamentally just brilliant people. Listen to them for just a minute and you know you are in the presence of greatness. And you cannot be touched by greatness without being transformed.



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Inherent in each ending is a new beginning. We don’t see that when we go through loss and goodbyes, but it is always true. Just as it’s true that a new beginning implies an inevitable ending. Perhaps we sense that, because when we are happy, we are afraid that it won’t last. It doesn’t: we begin, reach fruition, give of the fruit and then there is decay and death. And in the womb of that death there is another rebirth waiting to happen.

The progressed lunation cycle (PLC) is 29.5 years long and has eight distinct phases:

  1. The Progressed New Moon: Start of a new beginning
  2. The Progressed Crescent Moon
  3. The Progressed First Quarter Moon
  4. The Progressed Gibbous Moon
  5. The Progressed Full Moon
  6. The Progressed Disseminating Moon
  7. The Progressed Last Quarter
  8. The Progressed Balsamic Moon

2Astrological time is cyclical. It is the ongoing story of beginnings and endings. One can capture this cycle broadly using the PLC. I recently did a table of my PLC, and those time periods captured my life and its biggest turning points: Leaving the country as a child, coming back, another relocation, the years when I thought I was lost, going to university, meeting my future husband, doing well at work, losing my husband to cancer, retiring from the corporate world, it was all right there.

I met my husband at a progressed new moon in my chart and lost him to cancer when the progressed moon was full. I started the disseminating phase August 2016 and I see this as a time when I work with clients and share what I have learnt.

1.jpgIf you’d like to work on a life review or a life preview in terms of the lunation phases for your entire life (80+ years), I’d be very happy to do this with you on a call. We will explore in depth the current phase of the cycle you’re in along with the start of the current cycle and then see where you are headed next. The cost is USD 45.

If you want just the data, via email, with notes on what each phase means, that’s an option, too.  The cost is USD 15. If you’re opting for just the data, here are links that can help with self-study:


Your Personal Lunar Phases: The Cycle of Your Relationships

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