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Dawn Bodrogi: A Tribute

self portrait on chair.jpgI’ve been studying astrology for about 27 years now. A lot of people have been instrumental in my learning but the single most important person was my teacher Dawn Bodrogi. I’m currently engaged in an astrology reading and as I switch from the natal to the secondary progressed to the solar arc with some asteroids and the eclipses thrown in and navigate with an ease I have never known before, it’s Dawn I think of.

We lost her in November 2017, but she was and always will be a luminary in my inner sky. She taught me chart synthesis, secondary progressions and about the asteroids. I was one of her lame ducks, I found it hard to learn the secondaries, I couldn’t do chart synthesis, I didn’t know where to begin while looking at a chart, I would goof up on calls with her, planets on my screen would become invisible and I was unable to answer even simple questions like, “Do you see Mercury?” She was never condescending because she was born to be a teacher and I was born to learn from her. Even now when I look at the secondaries and if I feel like I don’t know where to begin, I hear her say, “Look at the lights. Look at what the lights are doing, Neets.” (more…)

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